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Saturday, April 16 – state Sen. Julian Carroll, 85; Sunday, April 17 – state Rep. Kevin Bratcher, 55; Monday, April 18 – state Rep. Lynn Bechler, 70; Friday, April 22 – state Sen. Joe Bowen, 66; Monday, April 25 – state Rep. Michael Lee Meredith, 30; Tuesday, April 26 – state Rep. Arnold Simpson, 64, and state Sen. Jared Carpenter, 39; Sunday, May 15 – state Rep. Susan Westrom, 64.


21 April 2016

5:00 p.m. SME  past- President Steve Gardner discusses mining, "Industry in Turmoil," Lexington.

10-11 May 2016

Watt's Next? Kentucky Association of Manufacturers annual Energy Conference, Lexington


Kentucky General Assembly: Week in Review

270towin has a fun Senate election map.

Block grants to states decline, report finds.

Donald Trump’s frontrunner status and the  efforts of many traditional Republicans to derail his candidacy have raised the possibility of a contested convention in July, when Republican delegates gather in Cleveland to choose their candidate for president. The Cook Report takes a look.

Lowell Reese 1940-2016

25 April 2016

6:30 p.m. Share your views w/Education Commissioner  Stephen Pruitt at a Highland Heights town hall meeting.

Talk About It

 Lowell Reese, founding publisher of today's Kentucky Gazette, died Friday, April 15, from complications of leukemia. He will be remembered as a kind and generous man, a very rare breed in the world of politics. 

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Brokered Convention?