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Kentucky Legislative Research Commission

 Thursday, Nov. 19 – state Rep. James Kay II, 33; Saturday, Nov. 21 – state Rep. Dwight Butler, 52; Tuesday, Nov. 24 – state Sen. Denise Harper Angel, 62; Thursday, Nov. 26 – state Sen. Dorsey Ridley, 62; Sunday, Nov. 29 – state Sen. Whitney Westerfield, 35; Tuesday, Dec. 1 – state Rep. Jonathan Shell, 28; Friday, Dec. 4 – state Sen. Mike Wilson, 64


8 December 2015

8:00 a.m.: Inauguration Day for Gov. Matt Bevin, Frankfort

24 November 2015

11:30 a.m. Discuss the election in Burma, UofL Center for Asian Democracy, Louisville


Tough on Terrorism

Kentucky Legislative Research Commission

20 January 201

Kentuckians for Better Transportation annual conference, Lexington

Talk About It

KyCIR :  Pension fees higher than thought.

EITC promotes work, CBPP study finds

Sen. Paul is not dropping out of prez race.

A new poll finds more Americans trust former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to deal with terrorism than they do any of the GOP presidential contenders. Read the story at Politico.

2011 ( Beshear, D)

Democratic: 30.1 Republican: 28.8  

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The Kentucky Gazette
 Turnout for the Nov. 3 general election was just over 30 percent, but turnout by party won't be available for a couple months. Democratic voter registration is higher than Republican registration – 1,685,054 to 1,259,542 – and if this year is like years past, more Ds voted than Rs.
Here are general election turnout percentages for the last three Kentucky governor’s races:

 2003 (Fletcher, R)
Democratic: 42.0
Republican: 40.5

2007 (Beshear, D)
Democratic: 40.8
Republican: 36.2