GOP: Review KTRS

Republicans in the Kentucky Senate aren't comfortable with the $3.3 billion bonding plan the state House passed to shore up teachers' pensions. The GOP caucus is calling for a review of KTRS.

Kentucky's junior senator has unveiled the unkept secret that he will seek the U.S. presidency next year. Here's the speech he delivered April 7 in Louisville.

It's Paul for President

Gov. Steve Beshear signs awaited heroin bill.

Sadly, Kentucky's drug problem is featured in major HuffPo heroin story.

Do splashy campaign kick-offs really matter?


27 July 2015

Save the Date.: Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

Business Summit, Louisville

18 April 2015

8:00 a.m.: Commonwealth Policy Center offers candidate training, Oak Grove

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Friday, April 10 – state Rep. David Watkins, 72; Saturday, April 11 – state Rep. Bart Rowland, 38; Sunday, April 12 – state Rep. Brandon Spencer, 40; Monday, April 13 – state Rep. Jim Gooch Jr., 64, and state Rep. Martha Jane King, 60; Tuesday, April 14 – state Rep. Kelly Flood, 56; Thursday, April 16 – state Sen. Julian Carroll, 84.

Kentucky Legislative Research Commission

10 April 2015

Kentucky Bar Association hosts Diversity & Inclusion Summit, Louisville

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